31 Gift Ideas For Trumpet Players

Do you have a trumpet player in your family and you wonder what would be the perfect gift for them? Look no further! We have collected 31 gift ideas trumpet players will love! Now all you have to do is choose!


Sheet Music

Star Wars Instrumental Solos*
Trumpet, Book & CD (Pop Instrumental Solos Series)
Star Wars Instrumental Solos*
Trumpet, Book & CD (Pop Instrumental Solos Series)

Playing the trumpet is fun, but what’s even more fun is playing music you love and music everyone will recognize. Get one with a CD, like the Star Wars Instrumental Solos* above or the Ultimate Movie Instrumental Solos* for many hours of fun.

If you’re buying a book without a CD, consider that books like those by Hal Leonard are often noted down in C, so if you’re playing on a Bb trumpet, you might need to transpose those if you want to play along to the actual music.

Exercise Books

Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet*
Hundreds of exercises for trumpet players.

Many exercise books for trumpets exist, but you can’t go wrong with Arban’s*, Clarke’s Technical Studies* or Saint-Jacome’s*. Just make sure the trumpeter in your life doesn’t own those yet!

Autobiography of a Trumpeter

The autobiography of Miles Davis.

Miles Davis is not the only trumpet player with an autobiography, but Miles: The Autobiography* might well be the best. Other ideas are To Be Or Not To Bop* by Dizzy Gillespie or I Walked With Giants* by Jimmy Heath.

Clothing Gift Ideas


Trumpet shirts can be fun, like the classic Sorry I Tooted* shirt or the Trumpet Evolution* shirt. But you can also go super stylish with this neat musical note shirt*.


Trumpet Socks*
Trumpet socks for trumpeters.
Trumpet socks for trumpeters.

You can never own too many socks, but these ones in particular will surely be the new favorites. Show your passion for the trumpet with trumpet socks*!

Trumpet Tie

Tie with Trumpets*
A cool tie for the cool cat.

If the trumpeter in your life dresses up for gigs in a suit and tie, this tie will suit them nicely!

Music Gift Ideas


You can’t go wrong with great music, and Dizzy Gillespie’s The Greatest Trumpet Of Them All* is a great classic. You can also pick another CD from another trumpet legend.

Vinyl Records & Record Player

You may think vinyl is a thing of the past, but there’s actually been a vinyl revival lately and some territories sell more vinyl records now than they did in the 1980s. The reason? Vinyl sounds great and it’s almost a meditative experience, taking a record out of its beautiful packaging, setting it on the record player, pushing the needle down. Audiophiles will love a nice turntable.

I personally have the IMG Stage Line, which has a USB port for turning vinyl records into MP3s, but mine is connected to my stereo via the AUX port and it’s a great joy to use. The reason my vinyl record has been growing as of late is that more and more artists offer their music on vinyl with a free download code for the MP3s. Since I like to keep my music collection on my PC or iPod, I’d rather take prettier option, vinyl, if I have to choose between a record and a CD.

Vinyl Record Shelf

IEEK Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount*
Put your records on a wall shelf to show off the beautiful art.

If you do decide to go with a record player or vinyl records, consider also getting a few of these clever wall mounts for records. They’ll show off some of those gorgeous big covers and let a music fan decorate their digs with style.


Trumpet Cufflinks

Trumpet Cufflinks*
Dress in style and with passion.

If the trumpeter in your life likes to wear a dress shirt, whether for gigs or for work, give them some cufflinks* to complement their look.

Trumpet Bracelet

Another way to show your love for your instrument: wearing a trumpet bracelet. Pangrui* makes one in silver, gold or rose gold.

Art & Design

Trumpet Statue

Trumpet Mini Figurine*
A beautiful design for your desk or display case.

I’ll admit it’s essentially clutter – but very nice clutter that will look nice on your shelf. Get this trumpet statue or one of many other trumpet figurines*.

Trumpet Poster

Trumpet patent print*
Trumpet wall art for your home.

A nice poster will improve any wall, and this particular patent poster is stylish and not too cheesy. I also really dig this simple trumpet on sheet music design*.

Framed and Mounted Print

A framed print of the trumpeter’s favorite trumpeter will also make a great present and looks good on any wall.


Trumpet Mug

Music cup with trumpet handle*
The perfect cup for morning coffee.

An adorable mug for the perfect start into the day. Get this mug with a trumpet handle (see on Amazon.co.uk*) – or how about Be Nice Or I’ll Empty My Spit Valve On You*.

Vinyl Record Coasters

These coasters are also a great gift for music lovers. While you can’t play them on your record player, they’ll protect your coffee table from ugly stains.

Trumpet Bookends

Are bookends clutter? Not really! They serve the important purpose of keeping your books standing up – like the Miles autobiography you bought earlier.

Music Stand

This music stand doubles as a desk stand to put your sheet music on, so can save you some space if you’re using it at home.

Torpedo Trumpet Bag

Torpedo Trumpet Bag*
To carry your trumpet in style.

Torpedo trumpet bags are the Porsche amid trumpet cases. They aren’t that much more expensive than a regular bag – unless you spring for the Volpe’s Velux made of carbon fiber, of course – but they’re generally seen as a great and safe way to carry your instrument. See our guide on the best trumpet cases to find out more.

Trumpet Stand

K & M 5 Leg Foldable*
Stable 5-legged music stand with detachable legs

The K&M trumpet stand will do nicely, as it’s stable, small, and won’t break the bank. If you want to go a bit fancier, you can also find multi-trumpet stands and wall mounts as well as display cases, so there’s a trumpet stand for every taste. If you’re not sure which music stand to pick, see our Complete Guide to Trumpet Stands.


Yamaha Silent Brass

Yamaha Silent Brass System*
For playing quietly and/or recording your playing.

The Yamaha Silent Brass* is a must have for anyone who worries about noise when practicing. Trumpets can be very noisy, annoying neighbors and family members – especially if it’s late by the time you get around to practicing. The Yamaha Silent Brass is a mute that fits into the trumpet and lets the player play very quietly. As an additional bonus, you can attach a recording device to it and record what you’re playing – or simply listen to your own playing with the headphones as though you’re not using a mute at all.

Recording Device

Regardless of whether or not you want to use the Yamaha Silent Brass from above to record yourself, a recording device can be a lot of fun – especially if you want to record yourself playing with your band.

Zoom have excellent quality recorders like the Zoom H4n Pro* or its cheaper little brother the Zoom H1*. I personally have a Tascam recorder* I bought used off eBay and I’m very pleased with that, too.

Boss Dr. Beat Metronome

Boss Dr. Beat Metronome*
A loud portable metronome that can count you in with a human voice.

Once a musician has everything, it’s time to upgrade the things they have. Some metronomes are quiet and their only sound is a digital beeping, but not the Dr. Beat. It’s loud (you can control the volume), it offers four sounds (human voice, clicking, metronome toc, and an electronic beep) and you can connect your headphones to it, too.


Wah Wah Mute

It’s maybe not entirely fair to put the wah wah mute in gimmicks, as I’m sure there’s music that will actively require one. But for anyone who has never tried one of these, this will be a nice mute to toy around with and enjoy the unusual sound it makes.

Trumpet Lamp

3D Trumpet Lamp*
A 3D trumpet lamp to light up your space.

A 3D trumpet lamp is a fun gimmicky present that can look good on any shelf or in a recording or practice space. It’s not bright enough so you can read your sheet music, but it makes a lovely ambient light.

Looking for a teacher?

Want to get lessons at the comfort of your own home? Check out the course Learn to Play the Trumpet: Beginner to Pro Made the Easy Way* on Udemy! (See their full trumpet course line-up here*!)

Featured Image by Simona Sergi on Unsplash.

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