Yamaha YTR-8335RGS Xeno Trumpet Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

The YTR-8335RGS is one of the most sought-after trumpets at the expert level. This Yamaha professional trumpet has a number of features to appeal to the experienced player.

Yamaha instruments are well-known for being expertly crafted with concern for even the finest details, and the Yamaha Xeno is no exception. The Yamaha Xeno Trumpet is a celebrated professional level trumpet that is made for expert players to create exceptional performances.

Yamaha YTR-8335RGS Xeno*
  • Bb Trumpet with Silver-plated Brass Body
  • Extra-thin Valve Casing
  • 1-piece Brass Bell
  • Monel Alloy Valves
  • Brass Leadpipe

The YTR-8335RGS provides players with smooth playing and highly responsive action. Amongst trumpet reviews, this model is one of the highest rating trumpets in the lineup. Users and experts alike love this model for its quality, sound and the ease with which it is played.

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet Features & Specifications

Yamaha YTR-8335 Xeno review


  1. A one piece hand-hammered bell that enhances sound projection and uniformity to produce an excellent tone with well-balanced resonance.
  2. Monel pistons that resist corrosion while maintaining a high precision fit and smoothness.
  3. Pressure formed round tubing that provides a smooth air flow, less resistance and exceptional intonation.
  4. A reverse lead pipe that allows air to flow smoothly without obstruction and provides the player with much smoother function.
  5. An ultra heavy mouthpiece receiver that helps keep the instrument’s tone even.


  • Key: B flat
  • Bore: 0.459 inches (medium-large)
  • Bell: Gold brass, one-piece, hand-hammered, 4 7/8 inches
  • Lead Pipe: Gold brass, reversed one-piece pressure drawn
  • Mouthpiece:16C4-HGP
  • Keys: Mother of Pearl
  • Valves/Pistons: 2-piece valve casings, Monel pistons
  • Intonation Components: 1st valve slide thumb hook
  • Finish:Silver plating

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What Customers are Saying


  • Wonderful! Wonderful horn–smooth, responsive, perfect intonation. The reverse tubing makes for a very open, through-blowing horn.
  • High Quality Sound. The Yamaha Xeno trumpet is loved because of its incredible sound production. Professional and developing players rave about this instrument:
  • Fantastic Dark Timbre. If a trumpet player is looking for an instrument with a dark timbre, the Yamaha YTR 8335RGS is a fantastic instrument. It has the darkest timbre of the Yamaha silver plated professional trumpets.
  • Versatile. I especially like the versatility of this horn. Used in some classical performances, but when you really get the air going, this is a great lead-trumpet! Since year one I have used it as a lead trumpet player in the big band and the projection was superb.
  • The horn sounds great when I use it for classical and church and it really screams when I use it for jazz or the pep band. It is a very flexible horn that works well in any setting.


  • Steep Price Tag and Weight. As the Yamaha Xeno is one of the most prestigious trumpets available, it costs much more than one would be accustomed to after having played lower quality instruments. Most users understand this and believe that the trumpet is well worth the cost. The additional benefit is the fact that this model can be used as one’s main instrument for years down the line.
  • Some users have an issue with the trumpet’s weight, but this weight helps to produce an even tone. This is especially important when played with more intensity and higher volume. The weight also comes from the fact that the model is built durably. Some buyers criticize the trumpet for having too dark of a tone, but this should be expected as the Xeno is made to produce strong and rich tones.
Yamaha Xeno Series Trumpets video

Decision Time

The Yamaha name is synonymous for performance and quality, and this instrument is another superb product. Having a professional level trumpet doesn’t guarantee professional skill, so it is important to consider the small details as well as the significant factors that come into the production of a trumpet.

Each player will need the instrument for their own purposes regarding their play style and the applications for which it will be used. The model must match the user’s needs, and this trumpet has the ability to meet the requirements of many types of players.

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