Jupiter JTR700 Trumpet Review

The Jupiter JTR700 is a robust Bb trumpet that is perfect for students and advanced players alike. In this Jupiter JTR700 review we tell you everything you need to know.

Features And Specifications Of The Jupiter JTR700

Make sure you go through all of the features on our list to understand how they work. Not only that, but you will also learn how those features can benefit you in your trumpet-playing career.

Jupiter JTR700 Standard Series Student Bb Trumpet JTR700 Lacquer*
A robust instrument with good sound for beginners and advanced players.

●     Build Quality

The build quality of any trumpet matters a lot if you want to keep your instrument for a long time. The Jupiter JTR700 in particular is very robust, so good for student and young players who may carry the instrument around a lot and not be extremely meticulous about regular cleaning and trumpet maintenance.

The JTR700 is available both in silver plating (the more expensive option) or with lacquered brass, which mostly comes down to your aesthetic preference.

●     Bore Size

The Jupiter JTR700  has a standard medium-large bore size of 0.460” (or 11.68mm). This size is good for student and advanced players, whereas larger bore sizes are usually reserved for advanced players.

Jupiter JTR700 Standard Series Bb Trumpet - Lacquered Brass Finish

●     Bell Diameter

The bell diameter is also standard at 4.8″ (123mm). Keep in mind that the bell diameter plays a crucial role in producing the sound. A smaller bell will create a more directional sound, whereas a larger bell has a wider projection area.

Generally speaking, the bell diameter is likely not a deciding factor when you’re picking a trumpet, and certainly less so when you’re just starting out. Find out more about bore sizes and bell sizes here.

●     Mouthpiece

The JTR700 comes with a 7C mouthpiece. To find out more about mouthpieces, see our Complete Guide To Mouthpieces here.

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●     Valves

The valves on the Jupiter JTR700 are fast and robust and are easy to play. As such, they’re also good for beginners and student players.

There’s also a slide hook on the first valve, which will be relevant for getting the correct intonation for slightly advanced players.

●     Overall Feel

The Jupiter JTR700 is a robust, well-built instrument. It’s stable and smooth and easy to play, free-blowing and with responsive valves and buttons. Its overall feel makes it a popular choice for beginning and advanced players.


Unquestionably, the Jupiter JTR700 is a wonderful choice for any student or beginner trumpet player. It offers excellent features in its price range, which will give you the best value over time. So if you want to start your career with the best possible trumpet, you can’t go wrong with the Jupiter JTR700.

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