Another great student trumpet created by Cecilio, the producer of high quality affordable musical instruments, the Mendini MTT-L is one of the most suitable trumpets for beginners. You can tell by its design that this is a trumpet categorically designed for beginners and students that love the trumpet and want to learn this beautiful instrument.

Like every other Cecilio instrument, The Mendini MTT-L student trumpet is play tested at Cecilio’s factory and re-tested again at their Los Angeles distribution center to ensure that nothing but the highest quality standards are met. This is why thousands of instructors and students have approved these trumpets. This trumpet features a phosphorus copper lead mouth pipe, and also 3 comfortable white mother of pearl key inlaid and 3 smooth action valves.

The Mendini MTT-L student trumpet package also includes a plush-lined nylon covered hard shell case with backpack straps (making it convenience to carry to school or band practice), a pair of white gloves, a soft cleaning cloth, and a bottle of valve oil.

It’s another high quality affordable musical instrument by Cecilio. The brand personally guarantees because if you purchase because it comes with a 1- year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.

Mendini MTT-L Trumpet Features & Specifications

Mendini MTT-L

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  1. Phosphorus copper used on lead mouth pipe (found on expensive trumpets), smooth action valves, & comfortable white faux mother of pearl inlaid buttons.
  2. Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, case, pocketbook, bottle of valve oil, soft polishing cloth, a pair of white gloves, and a foldable trumpet stand that is stored inside the bell.
  3. 1-Year Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects.


  • Gold lacquer
  • Key: Bb (B-flat)
  • 46 inch bore and 5 inch bell
  • 1st valve slide thumb saddle
  • 3rd valve slide with adjustable throw ring
  • Phosphorus copper used on lead mouth pipe (found on expensive trumpets)
  • Smooth action valves
  • Comfortable white faux mother of pearl inlaid buttons
  • Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, case, stand, pocketbook
  • Bottle of valve oil, Soft polishing cloth, & pair of white gloves


What Customers are Saying


  • Cheap instrument, does the job for beginner trumpet players!
  • I loved the instrument. It came very well packed!
  • Produces great sound! The vibrations are audible… The best way to relax and soothe you ears.
  • The perfect set for newbies! I love using it everyday. The best musical instrument on the planet!
  • Perfect sound quality! I just love using this trumpet every time I perform in our church on sundays.
  • I bought this for my daughter! It suits her well and plays beautifully. I’m the coolest dad in the world!


  • The valves can stick and you’ll need to oil the valves as needed.
  • This trumpet can gain dust very easily. It will require frequent wiping.
  • A good beginner’s trumpet, but more intermediate level requires something better.

Decision Time

Like we said in the beginning, The Mendini MTT-L by Cecilio is an excellent starter trumpet for young students and beginners. It’s a really loveable instrument that comes well packed in your hands. Gorgeous trumpet highly recommended by trumpet musical instructors. A great trumpet, a great price!

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