Sometimes knowing how to find the right instrument involves having a familiarity with the various companies that produce trumpets. There are hundreds of instrument brands that create trumpets, but some stand out above the others.

Some companies are small and produce affordable instruments that help beginners break into trumpet playing, and others are global corporations that have made their mark in the world of instrument production.

Both types of brands have benefits over the other, so being able to find the brand that suits the needs of the trumpet player is most important. Some people will look for budget-friendly brands while others want the absolute best in quality.

The Best Trumpet Brands Reviews

Cecilio Trumpets

Named after the patron saint of music, Cecilio is one of the more familiar trumpet makers. They aim to produce quality instruments with advanced features that are still within budget for most players.

They utilize the help of professional musicians as well as music instructors in order to create inspirational instruments. Cecilio trumpets are handcrafted and approved for use in band and orchestra performances.

The TT-280L is a quality beginner’s trumpet with gold lacquer, a 5-inch bell and pearl inlaid buttons. Its valves provide smooth action, and it comes with numerous accessories. The Cecilio TT-480 is a relatively more advanced model.

The double-braced trumpet features Monel pistons and nickel tuning slides. It has a rose brass lead pipe, bell and body. It comes with a plush lined hard shell case, 7C mouthpiece, gloves, valve oil and a cleaning cloth. The TT-500 is an expertly crafted trumpet for professional level play. It has stainless steel pistons, a solid body and esthetic appeal.

Mendini Trumpets

Mendini trumpets are produced by Cecilio. Cecilio is a recognizable name in trumpets, and Mendini trumpets are appreciated as being high quality models for student players. Each instrument is tested two times to meet high standards of quality.

The Mendini MTT-N is an affordable trumpet that works well for students just starting lessons. The nickel plated instrument has a 7C mouthpiece, 5-inch bell, first valve slide thumb saddle and third valve slide. It is a highly recommended trumpet that can produce great sound.

The Mendini MTT-30CN is a quality beginner’s trumpet that is inexpensive and impressive in quality. It is a double-braced nickel plated trumpet with a 5-inch bell and 7C rose brass mouthpiece. It functions smoothly with swift action Monel valves and plays easily as well, and it comes with a nylon lined case.

Mendini by Cecilio

Produced by Cecilio, the producer of high quality and affordable musical instruments, the Mendini by Cecilio trumpets are highly appreciated and used by many student players as trumpets that are tested to meet the highest quality standards. Every trumpet that comes out of the Cecilio factory is tested two times and made with maximum precision.

According to the most popular Mendini instruments review guides, The Mendini by Cecilio trumpets are not only a great sounding instruments, but they also offer many more advanced features that cannot be found on products that have the similar prices. Because of their responsiveness and effortlessness in playing, Mendini by Cecilio trumpets are the quintessential choice of any level of trumpet musician, especially for the student musician.

For example the Mendini MTT-N by Cecilio is a very affordable trumpet that will work excellent for a beginner who just started with playing lessons. This nickel plated instrument has a 7C mouthpiece, 5-inch bell, first valve slide thumb saddle and third valve slide. It is a highly recommended trumpet that can produce excellent sound.

The Mendini MTT-30CN is another beginner’s trumpet that is affordable and an instrument with magnificent quality. It is a double-braced nickel plated trumpet with a 5-inch bell and 7C rose brass mouthpiece. It functions really smooth with swift action Monel valves while easy to play, plus it comes with a nylon lined case.

If you wondered about Monel, it represents series of stainless metal alloys composed primarily of nickel and copper, with a little iron plus other trace elements also. It is resistant to corrosion and acids which makes it typically more expensive than stainless steel. Pistons made with Monel steel are often used in professional trumpets because of the precision fit and smoothness, and that is a big plus unique feature for the price level of the Mendini by Cecilio trumpets.

Purchasing an affordable musical instrument such as Mendini by Cecilio offers other variety of trumpet characteristics that will help you fine tune your playing.  The .46” bore & 5” bell (3.75” on pocket trumpets) gives rich, full bodied and deep tone while playing it with relative ease. The instruments can be easily intonated with advanced features such as 1st and 3rd valve tuning slides.

Like every other Cecilio product, the Mendini trumpets are playing tested at their Los Angeles distribution center to be certain that nothing less than the best quality product is handed to the musician. Every trumpet comes with a beautiful and upgraded hard plush lined nylon covered case that includes a 7C mouthpiece, valve oil, a polishing cleaning cloth, valve oil and a pair of white gloves to help you keep your instrument spotless clean when you don’t play it. The latter are recommended in order to keep the trumpet in mint condition.

A variety of finishes and plating options too are offered to meet every specific aesthetic and tonal need, which makes even more unique product for the trumpet student to start on.

Simply put and just like every Mendini review published until now points out, you get the most value for an affordable price. You get amazing Mendini musical instruments, for an amazing price.

Recommended Mendini/Cecilio Trumpets

Trumpets on AmazonGradeReview
Mendini MPT-N

Mendini MPT-N
StudentOur Review
Mendini MTT-L

Mendini MTT-L
StudentOur Review
Cecilio TT-480

Cecilio TT-480
IntermediateOur Review
Cecilio TT-280N

Cecilio TT-280N
StudentOur Review

Allora Trumpets

Allora is another brand that creates affordable trumpets of high-quality. This is important for fostering skill earlier on without having to invest in incredibly expensive trumpets. The company is also known for creating saxophones for intermediate and professional players, so they have the experience in skillfully creating brass instruments.

The AATR-101 is one of the best student level trumpets available. It is an easy trumpet with which students can learn. The AATR-101 features a large bore to make playing easier as well as a bell that is capable of producing warm and centered sound.

The Allora AATR-125 is another popular model from this brand. It is a student trumpet of superb quality that will certainly help students progress. It has a 0.460-inch bore with a medium-large bell that can accommodate various musical styles. It has a first valve thumb saddle, third valve fixed finger ring and a double-braced tuning slide.

Jupiter Trumpets

Jupiter trumpets range in grade from student instruments all the way to professional trumpets. The quality with which they are made makes them dependable when looking for solid builds and proper functioning. Jupiter trumpets also come with reliable warranties.

The Jupiter JTR-700 is a high-quality student trumpet that is even good enough to be used as a backup. It has a beautiful frame with sturdy build quality. Its sound is just as impressive as its look, and it has a centered tone. The free-blowing trumpet is available in a lacquered brass or silver plate finish.

The Jupiter 1602S B flat trumpet is a professional level instrument with a one-piece 4.8-inch hammered bell that provides amazing response and tone. It includes standard and weighted bottom valve caps to allow additional mass that improves the instrument’s projection in addition to smooth Monel valves, a first valve slide thumb saddle and third valve fixed ring.

Yamaha Trumpets

As one of the most famous brands in musical instrument production, Yamaha creates trumpets with an excellent build quality. Each trumpet is consistently manufactured from piece to piece. The well-known brand is recognized for producing trumpets in various classes and styles. You can easily find a quality instrument from student to professional level.

The Yamaha 2335 is praised by many professional musicians as the best trumpet one can buy to start out, and it is consistently praised in many trumpet reviews. Beginners that may be more advanced or quick to learn can get a lot out of this particular instrument because of its superb quality.

The trumpet is expertly crafted to resist air leakage and provide better resonance. Laser-fused components provide smooth action. Its bell and bore size allow for excellent sound, and it is built from nickel silver to provide a durability that will last for years.

Kanstul Trumpets

Kanstul is recognized by a great deal of players as arguably the best trumpet brand. Kanstul has helped shape and change the development of the instrument. Like all instruments they produce, their trumpets are easier to master due to advanced builds and features. Their trumpets are known for having a heavy build and producing dark tones.

The Kanstul 700 Series trumpet is one of the more affordable models from this brand, but it has the big sound and capabilities of a professional instrument. It features Amado water keys, Monel valves, a 4.8-inch bell and 0.460-inch bore.

The 1000 Series is a reproduction of Elden Benge trumpets form decades ago, and it has a crafty design like that of Chicago-style trumpets. It can produce full and bright sounds across its range. The preferred Kanstul 1601 is constructed of a lightweight, handcrafted, one-piece body. This model is appropriate for experienced players.

Merano Trumpets

Merano is another one of the good trumpet brands, and they also create string and wind instruments. They are newer compared to most other trumpet manufacturers, but they still offer a selection of quality instruments. Instruments from Merano feature pieces that are crafted by hand to offer individuality to each finished product.

Their standard 300SV B flat trumpet is nickel plated with a nickel plated mouthpiece. It comes with a hard shell velvet-lined carrying case. The trumpet also includes a number of free accessories such as a metronome, tuner, trumpet stand, music stand and a pair of white gloves.

It is a good-looking instrument that is easy for beginner players to use, and it is great for helping them get used to the trumpet. Merano places an emphasis on making their instruments affordable, and this one is no exception. The incredibly affordable price makes it fit within nearly anyone’s budget.

Rossetti Trumpets

Rossetti trumpets are great choices for new players, and they are affordable. The Rossetti 1144 model is a nickel plated trumpet with stainless steel valves. It has nickel slides that resist corrosion along with a braced tuning slide that maintains alignment.

One of the best aspects of this model is its very affordable price that makes it accessible to just about any player. Ideal for the beginner, this model comes with a 7C mouthpiece and cleaning supplies to fill in one’s trumpet set up. It also comes with a plush-lined hard shell case and a no-hassle one year Rossetti warranty.

The Rossetti 1143 model is also a great starter instrument, but it has many qualities of more advanced trumpets. It produces superb sound and is hand-built with quality materials. It features two adjustable tuning valves, two finger rests and two water keys.

The third finger rest and third valve slide are adjustable as well. The tuning slide allows for an uninterrupted airflow from the mouthpiece to the valves. The 1143 model comes with a 7C mouthpiece, white gloves, a hard shell case and slide lubricant.

Carol Brass Trumpets

Carol Brass is recognized by many as being one of the best trumpet brands available. Their instruments are thoroughly praised by professional players and trumpet instructors all over the world, and many accomplished trumpeters endorse and play instruments from this brand. There are trumpets available for beginners, intermediate players and professional players.

The Carol Brass 6580 model is loved by many professional players due to its weight and stability. It has a thick and solid lead pipe with a square tuning slide. Its open blow allows for easy and expressive play. Its impressive tone comes from its quality, and the trumpet is able to blend well with other trumpets easily.

The 5062 model is a professional level C trumpet with great build quality, amazing sound and smooth response. Even better than its performance is that fact that it is much more affordable than many other trumpets in its category.