The Kaizer 3000 series has caused a stir among trumpet and music enthusiast since it was released this year. The series was designed to help users develop their trumpeting skills and have fun while doing so.

Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC is the latest to be released in this line of trumpets and it has all the features that will excite both intermediate and expert trumpet players. Its sleek design and sparkling gold color make it the perfect instrument for exceptional musical performances and training.

Certainly, beginners and intermediate players will find the Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC very easy to use and master. It features an incredible sound production system that will blow away its nearby competitors and give the player a rare sense of uniqueness.

It is easy to see why the company added this new trumpet to the 3000 series.

Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC 3000 C Series Standard B Flat Bb Trumpet

Kaizer 3000 C Series Features And Specifications


  1. Comes with a rose brass lead pipe, and tunning slides made of cupronickel to enhance the player’s style and overall performance.
  2. 5″ bell system for improved and much louder sound production.
  3. Multi-purpose mouthpiece receiver to accommodate different mouthpieces
  4. Heavy valve buttons including heavy top and bottom caps for intermediate playing style.
  5. It has a body built with solid yellow brass


  • Mouthpiece: Standard 7C
  • Key: B flat
  • Bore: 0.464 bore large
  • Bell: 5 inches
  • Lead pipe: rose brass, tunning slides from cupronickel
  • Valve: 3-piece valve
  • Intonation component: First valve slide thumb hook and adjustable third valve slide ring
  • Finish: Solid Yellow Brass body

What Customers Have To Say:


  • Amazing bag. The bag has nicely designed convertible backpack straps and the valves were sticky initially but got better with practice.
  • Very good trumpet for the money. The valves are a little sticky but as a first-year band member, this trumpet is working well.
  • It is Affordable and worth every penny too. The Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC is absolutely perfect for its price range.
  • Heavy Duty valve caps both top and bottom. It is a bit of a surprise that the valve buttons have a polished look and not the normal pearl disk look. Overall the Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC has a modern look which is slightly different from the other trumpet in the Kaizer 3000 series and it is worth every penny spent on it.
  • Multipurpose mouthpiece. The trumpet’s 7C mouthpiece is different from other ones that come to get used to seeing. It allows you to fix the exact type of mouthpiece that suits your playing style.
  • The Best Trumpet for intermediate and beginners. It also comes with an impressive set of valves and a 45 day trial period plus a lifetime warranty.
  • The Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC is very easy to use. Assembling or disassembling it is not as difficult as what you’d find in other Trumpets similar to it.
  • For the price, this Trumpet is an absolute bargain. The Complete Package comes with white gloves, valve oil, and polishing cloth. The company’s customer care is amazing, you can call them if any of these items are missing and they’ll send it right over.

Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC 3000 C Series Standard B Flat Bb Trumpet Package


  • Some users believe that the Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC is limited because is it not designed for expert performances. The sound production and valve design are meant for amateur play or intermediate training. Experienced players struggle with the sticky nature of the keys and it takes a lot of practice to get used to performing with it.
  • Too cheap for some users. The truth remains that you’d get what you are paying for. The Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC has undeniable qualities but it is still limited in output, designs, and overall mode of operation. It is not a trumpet that you buy for a big performance.
  • The brass finish may need constant maintenance in order to stop corrosion.


Kaizer has an impressive reputation for producing high-quality trumpets, and the TRP-3000LQRC is certainly not an exception. However, it will not be suitable for all players.

Experts may find it to be limited when it comes to sound production and design while intermediates or beginners will grow to love it as long as they continue to practice with it.

Every player should pick the trumpet that suits their needs and skill level. So if you are a beginner or an intermediate player, the TRP-3000LQRC is perfect for you.