Kaizer Instruments is a well-known American company known for supplying reliable instruments mostly targeted to students, along with exceptional customer service and product support. With a Kaiser trumpet, learning how to play becomes so much easier and fun. This article is a Kaizer TRP-2000LQRC Review that takes a look at everything you need to know about the latest Kaizer trumpet in the market.

The Kaizer TRP-2000LQRC is an upgrade on the 1000 series and this new version provides everything that would help the student and the advanced player become a better performer. Its improved features add flare, produce bigger and better resonance, and make for a better instrument that even advanced trumpet players who are looking for better control and intonation control will enjoy.

It is an elegantly designed instrument that is not only a beauty to behold but a powerhouse when it comes to performance. The Kaizer accommodates a range of preferences and playing styles, providing captivating sounds due to the high degree of customization available, and the highly upgraded features that are easy to use for both beginner and advanced users.

The instrument has great reviews and many that have used it have asserted that the Kaizer 2000 is a superior instrument. Many do find the instrument highly responsive, and easily customizable to produce a smooth, enchanting sound.

Kaizer TRP-2000LQRC Features and Specifications


  1. Double braced large bore for better durability and tonal performance
  2. The 0.464 large bores and 5” bell design provides better resonance and bigger sound.
  3. Made of beautiful solid yellow brass and rose brass lead pipe for enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  4. The cupronickel tuning and rose brass lead pipe adds flare and improves performance.
  5. You get better intonation control and stability from the 3rd valve slide ring and the 1st valve thumb saddle.
  6. The 7C mouthpiece allows for all manner of playing styles and preferences, including those of students and advanced trumpeters.
  7. Comes with molded case, gloves, polishing cloth, valve oil, case shoulder strap and valve guide replacements for easy use and maintenance.


  • Key: B-flat
  • Mouthpiece: 7C
  • Dimensions: 22 x 7 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Level: Intermediate and advanced
  • Material: Yellow Brass
  • Lead Pipe: Rose brass
  • Third trigger: Adjustable
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Extras: Molded case

Customer Reviews


  • Elegant Design. There is no question that the Kaizer TRP-2000LQRC is one of the most beautiful trumpets out there. From the cool yellow brass and rose brass to the molded case to the easily adjustable third trigger, this is a fine-looking instrument that will make you want to play it all day.
  • Sound Quality. The upgrades to the 2000 series have clearly improved the sound of the trumpet and the intonation. The sound quality that you can get from the instrument makes for an amazing experience. The intonation is amazing as you get a clean controlled sound and some of the best quality resonance of any trumpet out there.
  • Easy Customization. The Kaizer trumpet is easily customizable so that you can play in all manner of occasions, right from the church’s praise and worship to a little jazz for happy hour at the local restaurant. It is highly versatile and is excellent for the intricate tones needed in church to the high pitched intonation of the slow jazz.
  • Highly Durable. The double-braced bore and the high-quality finishing of the Kaizer TRP-2000LQRC make this one of the most durable and reliable instruments in the market. The trumpet will still be producing high-quality sound after years of use and still have its exquisite looks.


  • High price: The upgraded version of the Kaizer TRP-2000LQRC is made of high-quality materials and comes with better features and hence is a little bit on the pricier side. Students might find it slightly over the budget, though the investment is worth it since it is a highly durable trumpet that you would be using for years.
  • Stiffer Valves: The valves tend to be stiffer on the Kaizer though they tend to become suppler once you have used the trumpet for a while.

Final Verdict

Kaizer Instruments have always provided some of the best high-quality trumpets that are beloved by connoisseurs and hobbyists all across the world. Their trumpets are made of materials and products they source from leading brands to make highly reliable and durable trumpets. With such an emphasis on quality, you can be certain that you are getting an instrument that will provide outstanding performance and incredible value.

The Kaizer TRP-2000LQRC is also designed for both advanced and intermediate users making it easily customizable to different preferences and playing styles. The high customization options thus allow you to use the trumpet to provide enthralling performances in all manner of occasions and settings.