The Getzen 900S Eterna is a professional trumpet designed for serious amateurs and experts. This most affordable trumpet maintains the standard quality to make it a first choice among the players. Eterna 900 was introduced in the market in 1960 and soon after, it became a professional Getzen trumpet. During the 40 years of production, the company has made subtle design changes to meet the demand of customers and to design an upgraded version.

This Trumpet is the outcome of all the changes. It has many original features such as free blowing play and exceptional intonation along with some new additions. The users will have clear sound clarity with this new version. It enables the users to achieve stable stones and better control throughout the range of the instrument. It features a nickel silver mouthpiece, adjustable third-valve slide ring, and a first-valve saddle.

The Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet is a world-class trumpet made to offer a lifetime of amazing experience. This free-blowing horn is super easy to play. It has everything to meet the unique needs of an expert player. This versatile trumpet will blend-in nicely with a band and will scream if jazz is your gig.

Getzen 900s is a durable and affordable instrument. It has fluid-nickel valves and smooth tuning slides along with best sound quality to improve the performance of expert players. Users find Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet worth buying for its longevity, quality sound, and ease of use. Do you want to buy this product? Are you looking for more information? If yes, you can go through the following Getzen 900s review to know more about the product features, pros, and cons.


  1. Excellent intonation and exceptional free blowing play.
  2. Adjustable ring features.
  3. Getzen 5 years Gold Limited Warranty and Lifetime Valve Warranty
  4. Wood shell case to offer an elegant and trendy look. It will protect the instrument from normal wear and tear to ensure durability.
  5. Hand-lapped nickel slide and valves
  6. Quality sound and construction


  • Valves: Nickel- Hand Lapped
  • Key: Bb
  • Bell: 4.75-inch two piece
  • Bell Material: Yellow brass
  • Leadpipe Material: Nickel silver
  • Leadpipe: Standard
  • Third Valve Slide Adjustment: Adjustable ring
  • First Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
  • Bore: Medium Large 0.460-inch
  • Finish: Silver

What Customers Are Saying


  • Rich tone: Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet is bold and rich in sound. It is comfortable playing different genres. This trumpet is colorful and crisp to offer a range experts would love to explore. The tone is unique and beautiful. Though it is brighter and bolder, still, it never gets harsh.
  •  Professional: The dynamic range, smooth valves, and fantastic projection offer it a professional edge.
  • Quality construction: It is beautifully made with a with a 2-piece 4-3/4″ handspun yellow brass bell. It has silver finishing and a standard nickel made leadpipe provide protection as well as durability.
  • Great horn: Most of the users are satisfied with the horn. The horn has a nice tone, great response from the valves. The best thing is that you will get all these at your price.
  • Best in the industry: This is an amazing trumpet comes with very rich and bright sound. It has better valves than similar products. In fact, the valves are the best in the industry. The performance and overall look of the horn are also spectacular. The slides are fast and the product is made of quality material.
  • Quieter and smoother: Though it is incredibly affordable, there will be many advanced features to ensure improved performance and longevity. The best part is that it is simpler and quieter.
  • Positive reviews: The product has received many positive reviews. Almost all the customers are happy with the result. They have appreciated the horn, quality and great sound, and valves.


  • Not ideal for beginners: Getzen 900S Eterna Bb is a great trumpet that looks and works fantastic. But it might not be ideal for beginners. It can be handled by skillful musicians.
  • Valves are a bit sticky: The valves of this trumpet tend to be stick than other horns. Only one user has experienced this problem.

Decision time

Getzen 900S Eterna Bb is a professional level trumpet. It provides high-quality tone and an amazing look at a very reasonable price. The tuning slides work flawlessly. The horn is the best combination of style and flexibility. The valves are smooth and quick. It is build to last and to offer an optimal music experience. This instrument can completely blow your way. In addition to the above, it is highly appreciated by most of the users.

If you love the bright and loud sound, amazing valve, and durability, Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpetmight be designed for you. This fabulous trumpet can hone your skill with excellent intonation and free blowing style.